Make up tips for mature skin

mature make up radio
I was recently on the radio doing a segment on make up tips for mature skin and the first question I’m always asked when talking about this ….. at what age do you class skin as mature? I know the age recommended to start an anti-ageing skincare regime is around 25 but I never put an age on when skin is mature. Why? Because you can be 60 years old with a skin age of around 40 as you’ve always had a skincare regime or you’ve worn an SPF or kept your face out of the sun. Equally you can be a 40 year old with a more mature aged skin as its not been so well looked after. So baring this all in mind, I think about the elasticity of the skin or if there is any sun damage or wrinkles when I talk about tips for maturer skin. This leads me straight to the number one rule for all ages – always wear an SPF. Not just in the Summer but all year round to help avoid new wrinkles and sun spots. Sun exposure is the number one cause of ageing and damaged skin.

Most of us do look healthier with a bit of base product on our skin but without being too overly made up. My favourite base product for a light and smooth finish is currently ‘Soft Focus Veil’ by Arbonne. It gives the skin a glow and softens the look of the face perfectly. It’s also vegan certified and botanically based so I know when I wear this it is actually doing my skin good and I’m not putting any harmful chemicals or ingredients on to it. It acts as a primer but has a small amount of coverage too so it’s a really good product with many benefits.





Soft veil focus to give the skin a smooth and silky finish

If you want a bit more coverage but find that a heavier product can sit in your wrinkles then I’d recommend looking for products containing retinol and antioxidants which have smoothing and collagen boosting properties. Check for hyaluronic acid too as this can help plump the skin. My top tip and something I always use are foundations that are ‘light reflecting’ or ‘illuminating.’ Don’t be scared to ask assistants for a small sample to try before you buy as its important to see how the product sits on the skin after a bit of wear as ideally we want it to be light but with good coverage and not something that sits in our lines or wrinkles which can actually accentuate them. I’ve recently started adding a couple of drops of Barry M liquid chrome highlighter drops to my base product to give that extra glow and dewy look; perfect for a fresh Spring/Summer look.

Add a couple of drops of this to your base product for a healthy and natural glow

When applying your base product, it’s always best to do this with a brush or sponge to make sure everything is smoothed and evened out. Rather than trying to cover wrinkles with product, make sure it is evenly distributed. Even if that means stretching the skin out a bit to ensure its going into the fine lines rather than sitting on top! Also if you suffer with dark circles under the eyes or just want to brighten this area a bit, use a moisturising concealer and apply in an upside down V shape under the eye. This gives the face an instant pick me up. Don’t forget to set all of the wet products with a loose translucent powder lightly over the face. This doesn’t add more colour as its translucent but stops the foundation slipping over the face and sitting in to the wrinkles. This is one of my must have products.
My number one product however and one that I cant live without is my brow gel. I’m currently loving the Illamasqua brow cake in ‘Peek’ and apply this with an eyebrow slanted brush, starting off lightly then building colour as I go. Brows give an instant face lift and can give structure to the face and take years off! So if you take anything from this today, then invest in a good eyebrow product.

My right brow with colour and the left without any product – what a difference!

Lastly, if your eyes aren’t as firm as they used to be and your lids are starting to get hooded the applying eyeshadow can often be tricky. There are some techniques you can apply to help with this. Firstly, curl your lashes as this will instantly lift your lashes and open up the eyes. Secondly, invest in a good eye primer as this will help with shadow slipping or padding on to the tops of the eyelids which can often happen with lids that are hooded. Next and most importantly – apply the eyeshadow with your eyes open. How many times have you taken the time to apply your eyeshadow carefully then open the eyes and its disappeared?! The trick here is to cut your crease higher than the natural fold of your eyelid. Apply the colour above the crease and you can cheat this yourself and create your own. Just make sure you blend the colour with a fluffy eyeshadow brush so the crease looks more natural. Finish the look with a non-smudge mascara as your lashes may be touching the brow bone so this will give a less messy finish. My absolute favourite mascara is ‘It’s a long story’ by Arbonne which contains bamboo extract to encourage lash growth and strength.

Arbonne ‘It’s a long story’ mascara

Lastly, add a pop of colour on the lips and you’re good to go. NYX do gorgeous shades in their ‘powder puff lippie’ range which I’m loving right now. These are a great price point and feel really moisturising when applied. They then dry matte on to the lips so have great staying power too.
There will be products out there that are right for you so don’t be afraid to experiment with colour and textures – you’re never too old to look and feel the best you ever have.

Lisa x