‘Two grip styles’ in less than five minutes


I talk a lot about how the smallest of things relating to beauty can make a difference to how I feel both on the outside as well as the inside. When I’ve taken the time to put on some make up or style my hair it can sometimes be the difference between having a productive day or not wanting to go out and face the world.

To some this may sound trivial but I’ve had many conversations with people who feel the same – applying make up or styling the hair can give an instant confidence boost or lift their mood.

For us busy women this may not sound realistic but there are loads of quick styles that can be easily created in less than 5 minutes that can dramatically change our look. I’ve put some together for medium to long hair to try below. They may not be the neatest or the most technical but they do what they say on the tin: quick & easy and only need 2 grips to create; 4 grips if you’re lucky enough to have thick hair.. If you’re like me you’ll easily find these grips either in your dressing gown pocket, lying on the bedroom floor, hiding in the bathroom cabinet or at the bottom of your handbag!

Style One: ‘Heidi’

  1. Middle part the hair then section it right down the back with a comb
  2. Plait the hair in two (each section)
  3. From the bottom of the plait pull the hair on to the top of the head and pin with a grip
  4. Repeat on the other sideDSC02526



Style two: ‘Classic messy bun’

  1. Pull hair back as if tying into a ponytail
  2. choose the height of your bun (I usually go just below my crown)
  3. twist hair loosely into a bun shape
  4. secure with grips
  5. gently pull bun to create a looser shape and more relaxed look
  6. massage scalp gently to create volume at the top



Style 3: ‘Princess Leia’

  1. middle part the hair right down as if doing bunches
  2. twist each section loosely into a bun and pin
  3. massage scalp with fingers to create a slight lift on top of the head



Style 4: ‘Tousled twist’

  1. Take a small section from a middle parting above either side of the ear
  2. Twist backwards loosely
  3. Pin at the back (above the nape of the neck)
  4. Distract children with a toy (note Princess Leia good for them too!)
  5. Repeat on the other side
  6. Pull twists gently to create a bigger loop
  7. Ruffle rest of the hair to hide the gripsdsc02569-e1536094839507.jpg
  8. dsc02565.jpgDSC02571DSC02577

Style 5: ‘Half top knot’

  1. Lift hair as if putting in to a ‘half pony’ tail
  2. Twist loosely round the fingers into a bun then pin
  3. Pull bun gently to make it wider
  4. Tousle rest of the hair or backcomb at the root to give a more messy lookdsc02556.jpg

So there you have it – 5 styles that are easy to create with minimum effort. I’d suggest you have some product in your hair for staying power. I usually go for the trusty dry shampoo or dust it product in the roots; either way unwashed hair with a bit of product creates the best results. Win Win!

Lisa x



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