Concealer & Curves

To conceal means to ‘cover things up’ and I do this most days to cover any blemishes or darker areas on my face. As my 3 year old daughter has just started to wake in the night again believe me when I say it is needed at the moment! I’ll be talking you through the best way to apply concealer later in this blog but first let’s talk curves.

As well as areas of my face, I’ve also been covering up my body and concealing myself under baggy clothes in the colder months which has been hiding a multitude of sins! Now the Summer is coming and it’s time to bare some flesh I’m struggling with what to wear. Is it just me or do your Summer clothes feel a bit ‘neater’ than last year?!

Trouble is I’ve realised that I definitely eat and drink according to my mood – when I’m happy and want to socialise with my friends I probably drink too much wine (actually no probably about it) which often results in me eating the wrong foods the next day. When I’m feeling a bit low or tired I’ll drink lots of cups of tea and reach for the biscuits. I can’t win! As a result my weight has been slowly creeping on over the past few months.

As much as I’d like to shed a few pounds to be able to fit my clothes more comfortably, I’ve recently started to look at the link between mood and food which is the main motivator for me. Did you know there is a direct link between sugar and depression? Certain chemicals can have a powerful emotional impact on the brain and one of these chemicals is serotonin – commonly known as the ‘happy hormone.’ Serotonin can get thrown out of balance by the over-use of sugar. When I started to read about this I assumed it’s nothing I need to worry about as I’ve not really got a sweet tooth. But of course sugar is present in other forms in complex carbohydrates such as white bread and pasta which I am definitely partial to.

As much as I like having curves, I also like my clothes to feel comfortable. So I’ve decided to take more notice of what I’m eating and try to eat little, healthy and often. I’ve realised that if I wait too long before breakfast I can feel my energy levels dip and the ‘brain fog’ starts so am making a conscious effort to have an almond milk protein shake packed with seeds, frozen fruit and veg before the school drop off. I considered having it before my morning cup of tea but that’s one step too far …….

As well as that I’m going to drink more water and try to limit my intake of caffeine. This should have an impact on my mental health as well as my physical health. I’ll keep you posted on how that’s going.

protein-shakes (2)

Beauty wise, I’ve started to use a dry body brush as an exfoliator but also to increase my circulation in an attempt to budge the cellulite on my thighs which is never a good look! I also find when I use a gradual fake tan I instantly feel better in my clothes and I feel slimmer too. This is one of my go to products throughout the Summer and gives me more confidence to bare some flesh.


I started this blog talking about concealer so it’s only right I share some of my make up tips with you around this product. I always put concealer on after I’ve applied my base product. During the Summer I wear a cc cream as my base which is a slightly lighter coverage than a foundation. It provides great coverage, neutralises any red areas of the face, smoothes out fine lines and gives a natural, glow to the skin. I couldn’t be without this.

cc cream

I recommend using a cream concealer so it blends well and avoids it drying into the blemishes and drawing more attention to them. This is good for mature skin too as its less likely to sit in any lines around the eyes. Go 1-2 shades lighter with your concealer under the eye but making sure it’s not too light though (bare in mind the shade will probably have to be altered slightly according to season as your colouring changes). Dab lightly under the eye with your ring finger or a concealer brush. Use a concealer closely matched to your base product for the rest of the face; blemishes, pigmentation etc. With any remaining product on your brush or finger, use lightly under the eyebrows to create more definition and a refined arch.

If you prefer a more natural look and don’t like to wear a base product, concealer is a great product to use only on the areas you feel need a bit of coverage so the nose, cheeks and chin. The nose creates a shadow on the face so dab concealer down each side of the nose to minimise the areas that appear darker. Finish with a translucent setting powder then apply colour such as bronzer, blush, highlight etc. if the mood takes you xx