Contour & Confidence

Self-confidence is sexy but not always the easiest thing to have or put out there. I know when I became a Mum I lost my identity, sense of style & self and questioned what direction my life was taking. Our roles change so much when we become parents and my self-confidence took a real battering. Not to mention my change in body shape and all the other bits that come with having a new baby emotionally and physically.

Now as a make up artist I am still shocked how women talk negatively about themselves and how they hate this and that about their body, face or hair. I’m constantly having to build up their confidence and focus on their best features. It’s really sad how us as women (myself included) focus on the bits we think are our flaws rather than noticing the colour of our eyes, how good our brows are or even the definition of our cheekbones.

When I complain to my husband about my weight for example, he always says the same thing….. ‘it doesn’t matter what you look like because when you are happy and confident rather than putting yourself down, that is when you are the most sexiest and attractive.’ Again a work in progress for me.

blue dress
Me stepping out of my comfort zone and taking part in a ‘real women’ fashion show. Few lumps & bumps on show but felt confident and good as was surrounded by uplifting and supportive women.

I’ve learned that when I’ve taken some time out for myself to shave my legs (it’s the little things!), fake tan or paint my nails I automatically feel more confident, attractive and its helps my mental health. That might seem obvious but with looking after 2 children and running my own business its not always the easiest thing to do. Its also about making the most of what we have been born with and celebrating and enhancing our best features. That could be knowing the best colours of eyeshadow to use to bring out our eyes or using the correct shade of red lipstick against our skin tone; it’s about concentrating on what works for you.

highlighting Lucy
Here I’m using a shimmer eyeshadow to highlight the cheekbones. You don’t need loads of make up, its about making the products you own work hard for you

I believe make up can be a powerful tool when it comes to lifting the mood and increasing self confidence. There are tips and tricks you can learn to enhance your best features or subtly change what you are not so keen on and this is where contouring comes in. I’m not talking Kim K style as with this I’m an advocate for less is definitely more. Even subtle contouring can make a huge difference to your face shape and highlighting can bring the face to life.

me highlighting
Highlight under the eyes, down the cheekbones, cupids bow and T-zone

Contouring has been around since the 16th century when soot and chalk was used by Elizabethan stage actors to help the audience members read their facial expressions. It is now widely used to enhance and sculpt the structure of the face. Use a colour that is one or two shades darker than your natural skin tone to give a shadow and slimming effect. I usually apply this on the hollows of the cheeks (starting mid ear), side of nose, temples and jawline. The secret with this is to blend the products well. This is then complimented with a highlighter that is one or two shades lighter than your skin colour.

So contour and confidence ……. two things us women should work on to bring out the best in ourselves. Just remember we are all unique and have amazing qualities and features. Learning to love ourselves as we are isn’t always easy but can have a huge knock on effect on our mental health, relationships and overall quality of life.

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