What does Vegan make up mean?

All of the make up I use is cruelty free and the majority is also vegan certified…….. but what does that actually mean? We don’t eat make up so why does it matter whether it is vegan or not?!

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To understand vegan make up, it’s important to understand veganism overall. People who follow a vegan lifestyle believe animals shouldn’t have to suffer or die so that we can have the things that we want – so a diet including meat, dairy, honey and eggs is out and plant-based foods like fruits, vegetables, beans and whole grains are in.

Eating a vegan diet can be fairly easy but finding vegan make up can be more tricky. Some animal ingredients like lanolin made from sheep’s wool or beeswax are pretty easy to remember but there can be hidden ingredients that can be more difficult to see on the labels. Many natural and cruelty free companies cannot label their products vegan, as they use ingredients such as honey or goat’s milk. In a vegan cosmetic, any ingredient derived from animals cannot be used. So unless the products have been certified vegan, it can be hard to tell in some circumstances.

vegan cosmetics pic2 The other thing to think about too is animal testing. Even if your products are totally plant based and the company tests on animals, it’s not a vegan product. Confused?!

Vegan cosmetics are really some of the most popular right now. There are multiple reasons for this, and a lot of them are related to people feeling that they need to stop using products that contain animal-based ingredients on their body and face.

Thankfully, the cosmetic industry is increasingly moving away from testing on animals in response to bad press and growing consumer pressure but by no means are all cosmetic companies responding to this.

I have been a make up artist for 7 years and at the beginning I was unaware that many make up brands still tested on animals or used animal derivatives in their ingredients. I then started to research into this and realised we can still have gorgeous cruelty free products without all of the added ‘nasties’ such as mineral oils, perfumes and bulking agents, or parabens as they are also known.

I’m now proud to say that all of the products in my kit are premium, results driven and cruelty free; the majority are also vegan certified which guarantees that the cosmetics do not use ingredients derived from, or tested on animals.

I recently collaborated with Rachael Dunseath (founder of Myroo skincare) who is, like me, based in North Yorkshire. We first met at a beauty event and discovered our backgrounds are similar in that our children suffer with various allergies and sensitive skin. As a result, we are now passionate about using products that are hypoallergenic, as well as being cruelty free; not only on our children, but ourselves and and clients too.  We aim to share and educate others about the benefits of using plant based products.

lisa & rachael

Rachael has run a natural skincare brand for 8 years; this evolved in to Myroo skincare 2 years ago. Myroo is her own brand of skincare that is suitable for sensitive, allergic and problem skin; so is free from gluten, nut and dairy ingredients.  Her range is also organic and natural.

my roo skincare

As I specialise in botanically based make up and Rachael in plant based skincare; we decided to collaborate on a video using a combination of my make up (predominantly Arbonne and other cruelty free products) and the Myroo skincare range was used to prep the face.

Click here to view this video: Vegan cosmetics video

To browse or purchase any of the make up products used in this video click on the following link: Shop Vegan make up

To browse or purchase any of the Myroo skincare products click on the following link: Shop Myroo products


Lisa Hammond
Cruelty free make up artist